Scandinavian Surgical Outcomes Research Group (SSORG) started in 2008 as a network of colorectal surgeons with academic interest from six Swedish and four Danish hospitals (Read more in Läkartidningen).


The aim of the group is to scientifically evaluate surgical treatments and perform clinical research with an emphasis on large multicenter trials. We evaluate the safety and efficacy of treatments and with all the participating hospitals as a base for recruitment of patients we aim at a fast inclusion rate. Most of our trials include health related QoL as well as health economic end-points. 

Current projects

A registry based study of clinical results and health related quality of life in patients after treatment for anal cancer (ANCA)

LAParoscopic LAVage (LapLav)

Physical activity in relation to surgical operations (PHYSSURG)

Pretreatment group consulation for patient with colorectal cancer (INFOM)

Quality Of LIfe in COLon cancer (QoLiCOL)

Quality of life in rectal cancer patients (QoLiRECT)

Robotic surgery for prostate cancer, laparoscopic prostatectomy robot or open (LAPPRO)

Social Media on Prescription? A randomized trial investigating if a health platform could improve patient outcomes (SMOP)

The Stoma-const trial: A Stoma Construction study

Watch and wait: Clinical complete response after (chemo)radiotherapy in advanced rectal cancer: A multicentre prospective national cohort study (WoW)

Proposals for other projects would be appreciated by the group. On behalf of the group

Best Wishes

Professor Eva Haglind, Göteborg

Professor Jacob Rosenberg, Herlev