A registry based study of clinical results and health related quality of life in patients after treatment for anal cancer (ANCA)

The hypothesis

Health related quality of life (HRQL) and functional status after treatment for anal cancer is affected in patients treated by chemotherapy and radiation 3 and 5-6 years after initiation of treatment and may differ from HRQL and functional status in patients for whom treatment also included surgery after radiotherapy.



  • To determine functional problems and/or symptoms of importance for HRQL in patient's with anal cancer.
  • Functional aspects and symptoms include: pain, skin problems, anxiety/depression, ability to sit, walk, activities of daily living, physical training, urinary and sexual health, GI function, socioeconomics, life style factors.


  • Description of the cohort - comorbidity in the cohort prior to diagnosis.
  • Post-treatment morbidity: skin problems, bleeding, swelling, infections, wound healing problems, pain, pneumonia, thromboembolic events.
  • Operation/s, length of hospital stay/s, complications, re-admittance/s and mortality, within 60 months of index treatment.
  • Differences in morbidity related to different treatments regimes.
  • Late morbidity of any type and functional disorders such as limping, pain, sitting problems, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, stoma related dysfunction, fecal incontinence. Late morbidity (possibly unrelated) such as cardiovascular disease, depression, GI symptoms.
  • Identify differences in HRQL over time in patients with anal cancer.
  • Health economic analysis of resource consumption.
  • Mortality within 60 months of treatment.
  • Identify patient related personal factors that may affect HRQL.
  • Evaluate the effect of complications on the patient's socioeconomic situation.
  • Identify differences in QoL between patients in different groups regarding age, gender and educational level.


Inclusion criteria:

All patients registered with a diagnosis of anal cancer in either the Patient registry or the Cancer Registry during 2011 – 2013.

Exclusion criteria:

No informed consent received for participation in the questionnaire part of the study.


Protocol (click on name to view/download): ANCA


Quality of life in patients treated for anal carcinoma-a systematic literature review.
Sterner A, Derwinger K, Staff C, Nilsson H, Angenete E.
International Journal of Colorectal Disease 2019;34(9).


Principal investigator:

Eva Angenet

Deputy principal investigator:

Caroline Staff


PI Eva Angenete (eva.angenete@gu.se) or research nurse Anette Wedin (anette.wedin@vgregion.se)