Pretreatment group consultation for patients with colorectal cancer (INFOM)


The aim of this study is to explore how patients with colon and rectal cancer experience their participation in a group consultation before start of their treatment.
A secondary end-point is to study reasons for non-participation in the group consultation described above, by asking non-participants to answer a short questionnaire.


Our hypotheses are:

-       The group consultation increases the patients’ participation in the treatment of their colon or rectal cancer.

-       The patients attending the group consultation gain increased knowledge about colon and rectal cancer and the planned treatment.

-       The patients’ have a positive experience of the group consultation.

-       The participating patients experience a feeling of at least partly being in control.

-       The non-participants choose not to participate mostly due to practical reasons.



  • The patients’ satisfaction with the group consultation.


  • The patients’ level of knowledge of colon and rectal cancer and the planned treatment.
  • The patients’ experience of increased participation in their treatment.


Inclusion criteria:

All patients with newly diagnosed colorectal cancer at the included hospital, that have not started treatment, will be eligible for inclusion.

Exclusion criteria:

Inability to give informed consent, or speaking and reading the Swedish language and thereby not able to complete the questionnaire.

Inclusion of patients:

Aiming at including 100 patients.


Protocol (click on name to view/download): INFOM


Principal investigator:

Eva Haglind


PI Eva Haglind ( or research nurse Anette Wedin (